Monday, October 6, 2008

Significant snowfall due starting tonight

Well, winter is definitely here. It snowed enough to stick Sunday. Made a solid white blanket on the ground. Some of it had melted off by this morning. Here is what I found on our newspapers website today:

As reported by Julia O'malley , reporter for Anchorage Daily News.

Two to 6 inches of snow will accumulate over the next two days, according to the National Weather Service. And it's arriving more than 10 days earlier than the average first snowfall date --- Oct. 17.

Snow totals will be greater at high elevations.

Along with early snow, it's cold. Temperatures have been a few degrees lower than usual.

"Pretty much all of (the lows) are below normal," said Sam Shea, a Weather Service meteorologist.

As much as an inch of snow is expected to fall overnight, and the rest will fall tomorrow, Shea said.

Snow should taper off on Wednesday and could be gone by the weekend, when temperatures are expected to rise back into the low 40s.

The earliest first snowfall on record was on Sept. 20 in 1947. 1950 and 1944 tied for the latest date of first snowfall, Nov. 11.

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Debbie said...

Well I hope your ready for that cold weather up there!! We are having cool mornings here in N.C. but the afternoons are still warm. We are going to have a couple of more days in the 80's but by Friday it suppose to be in the
70's. Missing you here in N.C. but I'm sure you not missing the N.C.
Love ya, your little sis.

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