Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bear Update

The sow brown bear that has been attacking people in Bicentennial Park was put down today. Wildlife and game officials were able to shoot the sow but the 2 cubs got away. They will continue to search for them and when they find them the plan is to catch them and ship them to a zoo in the lower 48 in the midwest. The sow was shot over the carcass of a trophy bull moose in Anchorage's Stuckagain Heights neighborhood Tuesday morning around 9:30

Upon going through film from cameras that they had set up on various trails in the area. They found pictures of a couple other bears that are also in the area. There has been no mention as of yet as to what they plan on doing with those bears. Probably nothing unless they endanger humans.


doodlestreet said...

Okay, you better have a second 'cannon' that I can pack around when you and I go deep in the outdoors do that fishin'. Not that I don't trust your aim if a bear charges me, but, when was the last time you went to the eye doc? Update your prescription before we go!


Cjjstrings adventures said...

Oh Geez, don't think I would get out of the house up there as I can't move to fast and am not good at being quite when scared.LOL

Dusty Jones said...

hahaha, spud! Not necessary, all I need is one .22
Just cap ya in the knee, then I can get away while the bear is busy with you! lol

doodlestreet said...

Ahh ARE an Ol' FART!! Thanks for just creating my new nightmare for tonight! Hhahahahaha...I'm sure I'll have a dream a bear is knawin on my leg now!

....gawd....ol fart....

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