Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bears in Anchorage

After my first post I got to thinking about all the bears here in town. I needed to get some pics to post for you all to see that I wasn't just kidding.

I just couldn't see me on crutches running around town with a camera trying to get shots of bears. So I went to our newspapers website (Anchorage Daily News) and found these pictures that were contributed by readers.

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This one amazes me. A large bear like this balancing on the top of a fence. You can tell this one has had to outrun the law before! I wonder if the homeowner insurance will repair the fence?

Makes you a little leary about just going out to have a BBQ on the deck doesn't it? The dog food on the deck lured this bear in with her cubs.

This one was taken within a mile of where I live. The easy pickings in the garbage persuades the bears to come in to town for the free meal.

This big brown bear was spotted in Eagle River just out of Anchorage.
I am buying a new digital camera as my old one was broken in the move to Alaska. So will be posting new pics of the town, scenery, etc soon as I can so keep coming back for updates.


Cjjstrings adventures said...

Not sure I could handle trying to out run the creatures up there, but they are sure beautiful and so is the country. Fishing would be great though.

doodlestreet said...

Get those nets ready this May...we'll got deep nettin'! I'm looking forward to it..but you better have that bazooka ready because I don't really want to run into any of yer...umm..."pets" up there.

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