Monday, August 4, 2008

Nanana River Ice Classic

Today I put a time countdown clicker for the Nanana River Ice Classic on this blog. Every year the residents of Alaska buy a ticket making a guess at what day and time the Nenana River breaks up and flows down river.
Tripod set up on the ice waiting for breakup
Alaskans wager thousands of dollars yearly on the day and time of the break up of the Tanana River. The prize is worth it - over $300,000 this year, and that is only the main contest - minute pools abound, too.

Large grooves are cut into the frozen Tanana River ice about 300 feet from shore. Volunteers lends their muscles to pull on ropes to stand a wooden tripod upright. Holes are drilled in the ice, allowing water to seep upwards, filling in the grooves to freeze the tripod in place.

A watchtower erected next to the tripod holds the official clock of the most recent breakup, and provides a "photo opportunity" for visitors while they wait for the ice to move.

Once the ice has thawed to the point where walking on it is no longer safe, a wire is attached from the watchtower on shore to the top of the tripod, and rigged up to a clock mechanism so that the clock will be stopped when the tripod moves 100 feet. Watchmen monitor from the time the clock is activated until the ice has gone out. A siren will alert the townspeople to the tripod's first movement.

When the tripod trips the clock, spring has officially arrived, and Interior Alaska's rivers are once more navigable. And someone is a lot richer.

Closeup of a tripod set up on dry land


doodlestreet said...

May 16th at 3 PM! Get my ticket! ;o)

doodlestreet said...

So last night I had a dream that I was buying big nets with the long extended handles to go deep net fishing...BOY, do I have the fishing bug or what!!!!????

"heeeeeeere..fishy, fishy, fishy!"

Cjjstrings adventures said...

I am betting it will be April 28th, 2009.
Love what you are doing on here, and the info on AK that I didn't know before.

Dusty Jones said...

Ok you guys. I'm going to buy you your tickets next year with your dates that you picked! You better have a winner. lol

Oh yea, Mom, I need a time too.

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