Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our National Bird, The Eagle

Everyone knows that Alaska is famous for it's eagle population. They're thick up here. People come from all over just to see the eagles. There is a couple of spots that people swarm to to get a glimpse of these magnificant birds.
The Eagle Lady - Jean Keene
One place to go see them is in Homer. Located on the coast, the abundant fish supply the eagles with plenty of food. There is also a woman in Homer that tends to the needs of the eagles and provides them with a safe sanctuary. She is called the Eagle Lady. Her correct name is Jean Keene. She has been living in a campground on the Homer Spit since her relocation to Alaska in 1977. Jean began feeding a pair of eagles on the Spit shortly after her arrival. Jean worked for a seafood plant where she had permission to gather surplus and freezer burned fish for the eagles. After ten years, more than 200 eagles were coming by Jean's place for breakfast. At age eighty-two, Jean still loads the fish into barrels and then into her pickup for the short drive home. Before she doles the fish out to the eagles, she chops them into smaller chunks making it easier for them to carry. Currently, Jean feeds 200 to 300 eagles about 500 lbs. of fish daily from late December through mid April. People swarm to her place just to sit and watch. Taking pictures of the eagles as they eat and fly around putting on a great show for all the tourists. A lot of pictures taken of eagles that you see in magazines are taken at the Eagle Ladies place. They are truly beautiful creatures. I can watch them for hours.

Kathy and I are planning on a trip down to Homer to visit Jean and the eagles that visit her as soon as we can. I'll post more pics as soon as we get them.

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That is cool, and that will make a nice trip to see them.

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