Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fish?....... No Fish Here!

One of the main reasons people come to Alaska is for the huge fish! Trout & bass fishing is great fun but lets face it, hooking a 50 lb and larger fish is quite a thrill. Your not just catching a fish, your battling a fish. Take a look at this monster halibut below weighing in at 348 lbs! I'll bet that fish was pulling the boat around!

This monster king salmon below was caught out of Kenai this year. Fish and Game recorded the monster fish, which was just beginning to blush, at 54 inches long, 32 inches in girth and weighing 72.75 pounds. Just 3 lbs short of the record. The man (George Wambold) came all the way from Pennsylvania to fish up here.
Below is a few more huge king salmon that was caught in Alaska. I don't know the details of when or where they were caught. I found the pics online and put them on here for you all to enjoy.


doodlestreet said...

DANG! All I'd need is just ONE of those to fill the freezer, huh? Wow! Okay, let's go get one this May...

Miss you

Cjjstrings adventures said...

Holy moly that is a whole lot of fish. Yum!!!

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