Friday, August 1, 2008

Made it Home!

Well, after months of planning, getting things done and waiting. I finally made it back home to Alaska & Kathy. I can't tell you how happy I am to be back up here. It was a heck of a trip to say the least. I wasn't able to drive myself due to my broken leg that I got in a bad motorcycle accident. So my sister Spud flew out from L.A. to NC. That in itself was a miracle as she is scared to death of flying and usually drives where ever she goes. How's that for sisterly love? It took us 5 days to drive the 2600 miles. We drove pretty much straight through. Well, except for one stop in Sturgis. Even though it was a month before the yearly celebration, we just had to stop so we could say that we've been there. One of those once in a life time thing you just have to do. Stopped in Seattle for a week and visited my mom and put my truck on a barge. Then I flew up to Anchorage to finish my trip.

After getting up here I find out that the animal population in the city limits was just as bad as it was in 1984 when I moved up here the first time. They say there is about 50 brown bears, 35 black bears and over 100 moose living in the city limits. Just last week a jogger was attacked by a sow who had 2 cubs with her. The jogger could feel the bear snapping at his rear as he was trying to outrun the bear. He made it without getting mauled but only because the bear quit chasing him. Lucky to say the least.

The salmon are running here and lots of good fishing. There is a small river that runs in off the ocean right through town called Ship Creek that the salmon use in their yearly quest for reproduction. I haven't been fishing yet but hopefully I'll get to before the season ends.

The biggest news of all though is that Kathy and I got remarried! It was just a small wedding at home. Her Brother married us as the rest of her family watched. Unfortunately no body from my side of the family was physically here but I know they were here spiritually.


Cjjstrings adventures said...

Would have been if it was at all possible, but our hearts were with you two. Love what you are doing on here Bob.

Cjjstrings adventures said...

Hey ol' fart! Now, come on! You gotta make me look like less of a wuss for getting on that damn plane!! Hhaha...less scared of flying..more fear of hurling...yeah...that's the ticket.

Nice moose ass by the way...I've seen one of those live up in Cougar where I built my cabin...not a moose, but a really large and bitter elk.

doodlestreet said...

OOps! Sorry bout that mom. I was logged into your account when I made that comment! Hhahah...ooOOohhh...look how MOM is talkin, Ol' FART! Hhahahah...

Okay, it was me. Sorry.


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