Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mountains Surrounding Anchorage

Yesterday Kathy and I were going to head south to Mt Alyeska. They have a tram there that you can ride up to the top of the mountain. But the weather was not the best and pretty cloudy. We wouldn't be able to get real good pictures so we decided to do it another day. I'll post pics of it when we do go.
Mt. Alyeska Tram
Instead, we drove north to Big Lake to visit Kathy's brother. They weren't home either. So far we were hitting "0". From there we drove back through Wasilla to Palmer where our one of our son's live. I got the following pics while we were driving through Wasilla. Plenty of clouds but it gives you an idea just how big the mountains are here surrounding Anchorage and surrounding areas. Notice the snow? It never melts totally. When it gets to the point that you think it might all just melt away. It starts snowing again.
Heading out of Anchorage, looking up the valley

The following 3 pictures were taken around Wasilla

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Cjjstrings adventures said...

You got some great pictures kiddo and you are right about the mountans there. I do have to say though that this year we still had a lot of snow on Rainer as of last wed. Since then it has been in the 90's so don't know what it is like now. If it isn't cloudy tomorrow I may be able to see it. I was really surprised at how much was left.

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